Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Training is a type of group training that focuses on increasing participants knowledge and skills while providing tools for working with diverse teams to enhance performance and impact the bottom line. Diversity training in the workplace assists an organization by defining ethics among culture, job roles, and skills in order to establish respect and consideration among employees. This course teaches your managers and supervisors how to include and support all individuals across your organization. This avoids and protects businesses from civil rights violations and creates empathy and better teamwork from employees.

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their conscious awareness. Whether we know it or not, an unconscious bias thrives in our society. We all bring unconscious biases into the workplace. These hidden biases can impact many areas of business, from impairing diversity and retention rates to promoting a disconnected culture. It also undermines recruiting efforts and can impact hiring and promotions. Our presentation will help you understand what unconscious bias, understanding of how bias affects an individual’s decision-making process, recognize unconscious bias within our interactions and becoming aware of what factors might lead to unconscious bias.