Workplace Development Training

Workplace Development Training helps employees grow and perform better in their current roles. It also fosters a culture of engagement, collaboration, and inclusion. This training also benefits both employees and employers by improving attitudes, knowledge, skills, and productivity. Workforce development assists and supports employees navigate changing needs, markets, and technologies. It prepares employees for future opportunities and advancement.

Results One’s training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. Training can be provided in person and remotely.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills help employees achieve career success, reach their goals and enjoy the process along the way. Results One offers Soft Skills training resources that will improve how your employees approach their jobs and work with each other. This training explores the character traits and interpersonal skills of the participants. Focus is placed on enhancing the abilities that the employees already have. Examples of some of the pieces of training are:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication skills
  • Time management

Employee Resource Groups (ERG's)

Employee resource groups are internal organizations that support employees’ beliefs, backgrounds, and identities. These groups tend to be voluntary and employee-run and can feature outside speakers and guests. The purpose of these groups is to provide camaraderie and support to diverse team members and to foster more inclusive work environments. The Benefits of ERGs:

  • Improve work conditions. 
  • Creates a safe space for conversations and sharing of experiences.
  • Improves connections. 
  • Helps to identify and address challenges in the workplace.


Results One, can assess existing ERGs and help to form new ERGs in organizations. We also work to support existing ERGs to insure and explore different activities that help the goals of the ERG.